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The Story of Seva

Seva is Sanskrit (yoga language) for Service. As a career development practitioner with over fifteen years of experience in supporting clients from a wide variety of ages and backgrounds, I believe that when you find the way you are uniquely meant to serve on this planet, you will have the road map for a successful and fulfilling career. Each of us possesses diverse interests, values, talents and abilities that draw us toward specialised vocational roles, all of which are necessary for a viable society.  However, in a world where structures of work are rapidly changing and accepted definitions of success are often out of step with the well-being of society and our planet, it can be easy to feel 'stuck' or 'lost' on your career path. 


 I enjoy working from a values-based coaching perspective to inform the career planning and exploration processes of my clients. Leveraging this deep inner work, my clients tap into increased knowledge of self to make satisfying occupational and study decisions. I place wellness and career fulfillment at the centre of my practice, leveraging further education in mindfulness and yoga therapy and integrating them into my work with clients. My mission is to assist my clients to develop the skills and strategies they need to adapt to the rapidly changing workplace, and achieve a sustainable work-life balance.

A natural networker, I firmly believe that connection to others is crucial to long term career success. With this in mind, I also support clients to find career information, and assist them in marketing themselves to potential employers.

My qualifications include a Bachelor of Science and a Graduate Certificate in Career Development. I have worked extensively in the mentoring space, advising clients from industry and government on the development and operation of successful mentoring programs. I am a Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia, a certified Excellence in Cross-Cultural Experiential Learning and Leadership (ExCELL) Facilitator, an accredited Minessence Values Framework Practitioner, and a Registered Teacher with Yoga Australia.


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“As you grow older, you will understand that you have two hands. One for helping yourself and the other for helping others”

Audrey Hepburn


 "I was very pleased with how my session went and very pleased with the result. I am usually not impressed with outcome .. normally things don't meet my expectations, however this met and exceeded my expectations, overall extremely happy. 

 I gained direction, a clearer path, combining all the aspects of my interests, skills, and desires into a career prospect that I was not aware of up until the session"

" Thank you so much! I am really grateful and our time together offered some great insights into my next actions and how to create some more balance in my life.

You’re awesome! "

Nicole is a wealth of knowledge and worked with me on my resume, cover letter and selection criteria. She provided up to date, specific information on what employers are looking for, as well as helping to draw out the most valuable experiences I’ve had, relevant to the positions I am applying for. My resume now looks extremely professional and is something I am proud of, thanks to Nicole.

Thanks so much for the awesome work you did on updating my CV and bringing it into a more modern, cleaner and less wordy style! A recruiter has read it and commented on how good it looks and how easy to read it was."


My resume looks amazing, and damn, you make me sound awesome – almost too qualified! I really cant thank you enough"


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